Anonymous: take that septum piercing out you look like a monster

I am a monster and you better get to running, bitch.

tamechevyimpala: Noams ur beautiful n magical and u rule I miss u let's hang

thanks! yes!

Anonymous: I'm pretty sure calling someone "meh" back is trying to bring them down


Anonymous: But you are meh enough to get extremely defensive. Other people's opinion of you is NONE of your business, you are not allowed to tell someone how they should view your body. Get over yourself if you were truly that special you would be famous but you're not, not even close

you’re pathetic, it’s a free world and i am allowed, even more so, inclined to defend myself against an anonymous hater hating. Who are you to tell me how you view my body if I haven’t asked? of course, freedom of speech goes both ways so believe me when I tell you to shut your jealous whore ugly ass mouth before I come through my computer screen and rip it off your fucking face myself. 

Anonymous: actually I have and that shit is so "meh"

cool.. i didn’t ask. i’m not meh, you must be meh to feel like you have to put me down in order to bring your meh-ness to ok-ness. yet i don’t feel meh enough to bring you down from meh to miserable.

Anonymous: "Perfect body" lol

idk if this is sarcasm but if it is you obviously havent seen it in it’s full,nude glory.

sky-senberg: lml crying over the Anthony texts. NY dude with the no game has me laughin

Haha I’m glad it’s amusing

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