silverbeargames: Would you like to humiliate my little white cock?

No, but any one else who sees this feel free to take this guy up on his offer. 


When a thought is

enough to bring your sorry heart to it’s knees,

and turn it’s beautiful vessels inside out

you know you’re in trouble.

He will make you

feel harder than anyone before him,

and certainly enough to make you doubt

those who have yet to come.

His eyes will scar…

Anonymous: Weirdest thing you've ever done sexually?


had feelings for the other person.

Anonymous: How do you not want to kill yourself? Reading that over, I'm sure there's a way better way to phrase that. I mean, shit, you're an intelligent woman. You have brilliant, phenomenal ideas and insight. What makes you want to live? I'm asking this to hear what you would say. Tryin' to get some ideas to not make a stupid mistake, if you catchin' my drift. Thanks in advance.

I do want to kill myself, but the thing that keeps me from doing it… well… I guess think of it this way. There is always one thing you have to do before you can peaceful just off yourself. And life is simply composed of multiple to-do’s that haven’t been checked off yet, and those simply to-do’s are enough to wake up tomorrow. And there will always be these to-do’s, and always a tomorrow. Like, when I want to die, I think, oh but Jimi hasn’t had his evening walk yet. Oh, but my memoir hasn’t been published yet. Oh, but I haven’t seen the end of racism. Oh, I haven’t had a brilliant romance lately and my heart just longs for it… Things like that. Don’t off yourself, there’s a passionate kiss/ a mindblowing novel/ a perfect sonnet/ a dream come true around the next corner. The trick is walking there.