Anonymous: I believe I'm bipolar as well but ive never been diagnosed? My mother would always tell me nothing was wrong with me but i think she was in denial... Anyway, I find myself having episodes where I make terrible decisions that will come back and affect me negatively later; like over spending, burning major bridges, lashing out etc. Its like I cant handle the pressure from everyone around me... How do you cope after the episodes and you realize how bad you messed something up?

I guess I cope with trying to fix things as best as possible. Bridges can always be reassembled and money is fluid. You can only mess up things that aren’t broken to begin with, remember that.

Anonymous: Whats your job? Do you even have one? How can you afford to go to london? And why did you drop out of art school?

I’m tapering off modeling, and I recently got fired as bartender at Zinque on Melrose. I can’t really afford to go to London just yet otherwise I’d be there at the moment. And I dropped out of art school because it doesn’t make me happy. How weak am I?